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"Created by Mum for Mums" 


Designed & produced from the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, founder Mateya created & designed Brightberry after becoming a mum to her son & daughter. It provided her with a whole new outlook and stimulated her creative mind, eventually leading her to launch this business.

Like other mums, when her daughter was ready for solids, she, too, bought her first tableware. She quickly learned that many of the available products lack functionality and practicality. For example, they didn't suction well, were easily stained, couldn't be washed sufficiently, needed improved shape, etc.

Her academic and professional backgrounds in industrial design have provided her with unique insight regarding product creation for Brightberry. She believes in the value of functionality and a product's aesthetics, which drives her to develop the most useful products for families. When it comes to the design of kids' tableware, she believes these products should simplify parenthood.


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