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Mini & Boo

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Based in Melbourne, Australia, Abby created Mini & Boo after having her third daughter.

Being a stay-at-home mum to an allergy baby, she began to research why and how allergies come about and what she can do to help her baby. The hours of research led her to realise the amount of plastic products that were being used in her everyday life - from kids' plastic plates, cutlery, cups and more.

She then began her own low toxic, eco-friendly journey starting with products for 'bambinos'. She felt inspired and motivated to provide not only her own family but other families around Australia and worldwide plastic free products that parents were confident to have in their home.

Mini & Boo silicone passes EN-73-1:2019 & is FDA approved. 
Fun fact: 'Boo' was the name her late father called her as a nickname & 'Mini' represents her children.


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