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Snuggle Hunny Kids

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"Newborns never looked so good" 

Founded in 2015 by a wife-husband duo, Snuggle Hunny Kids is a destination for gorgeous baby snuggle swaddles and baby wrap blankets that are created with the highest quality and love. Aiming to provide mamas with beautiful pieces for their kids & a perfect collection of gifts for the expecting mum & child.

Snuggle - To settle, comfort & soothe. Bring our snuggle products to you so you too can provide this to your babies from us.
Hunny - In Maltese heritage, "hanini" is a word of endearment which translates to "my darling". Thus, "hunny" as a symbol of all our babies, whatever you may call them. In the dictionary, hunny is also a word of endearment for a boy or girl. 

Snuggle Hunny Kids specialises in unique and bespoke swaddles and linen, created with aesthetic and stylish design using quality materials. Our ever-changing and growing collection includes our signature snuggle swaddles with matching beanie/topknots, baby jersey wrap blankets, diamond knit blankets, topknots and bows.


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